Simple PPP

by John Nagle

Simple PPP is no longer supported.

Apple is now shipping a version of PPP with the MacOS, and we suggest using that. It took too many years, but Apple finally got it right.

The source code for Simple PPP was available for download from 1997 to 1999. It's obsolete, and we're no longer keeping it online. The binary is still available, for old 68K Macs.

Internal documentation for Simple PPP.

April 3, 1997

Alpha test version 1.4.5

Get from your Mac to the Internet with less hassle.

Tired of dial-up Internet connections that sort of work, but never work reliably? Here's the answer - Simple PPP.

User's guide.
Download Alpha Test Version 1.4.5 of Simple PPP.

This is not your father's MacPPP.
This isn't another minor modification to MacPPP. Most of the code has been rewritten. It is based on MacPPP from the University of Michigan, but only about 20% of the old MacPPP code survives. In keeping with the MacPPP tradition, this is free software, and the source code will be available after final release, under the General Public Licence of the Free Software Foundation.

Simple PPP is now available for alpha test. See the User's Guide for instructions. This is the fifth alpha test version, and user reports indicate that most users are very happy with it.The main changes from the previously released version, 1.4.3, are improved support for ISDN and Ricochet Wireless, plus a fix for a major problem with Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol. There's also a new Simple PPP Dump, for tracking down problems with connections that don't work right. And, by popular demand, you can now put delays in login scripts.

Please note that Simple PPP does not support Open Transport at this time. If you have Open Transport installed, you can still run Simple PPP by selecting "classic networking" mode. Unless you have an unusual networking configuration, this should not be a problem.

New features

At last, a Point-to-Point Protocol Program for the Macintosh that dials properly from applications. Simple PPP dials in the background, and unlike MacPPP, this actually works. You can do other things while it's dialing.
Automatic redial - Simple PPP will automatically redial when an Internet service provider doesn't answer or is busy. It will keep redialing until it gets through, or the application that started it gives up.
Automatic reconnect - Simple PPP will automatically redial when an open connection is dropped while it was being actively used. Usually, file transfers can be recovered after the redial. No other PPP for the Macintosh offers this feature.
Faster transmission. A new buffering strategy improves performance.
Shorter connect times. Now that redialing works, there's less need to stay connected when you're not doing anything. If you pay for connect time, this can reduce your costs.
Useful diagnostics. A new diagnostic system helps you figure out what happens when there's a problem.
No more unwanted dialing. The old MacPPP/FreePPP problem of randomly dialing in the background when there was no traffic to send has been fixed.

April 15, 1996
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