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As a sideline, we occasionally produce papers on how major programming languages could be made safer. These are discussion drafts.

Date Title  
2012 Safe arrays amd pointers for C, round 3
(September 2012 draft)
C arrays as first class objects, with size information, can prevent buffer overflows. The necessary features can be added to C without breaking existing code.
(Older versions: August/September 2012 draft, August 2012 draft, July 2012 draft. )
2010 Improved Concurrency for Python An approach to concurrency in Python which allows parallelism on multiprocessors without global locking.
2008 Strict pointers for C An attempt to make C pointers safe while retaining backwards compatibiilty. Achieving both goals is almost, but not quite, possible. An early attempt at this problem.
2001 Strict pointers for C++ Of historical interest only. The C++ language has gone in a different direction.


Last updated September 17, 2012